SIT-Research, Schmidt Inversion Theory is a new cosmological model describing the structure and functioning of the entire universe.

The most important feature of this new theory is the “inversion event” that takes place in the urbit inside the one and only common singularity in the center of the black holes. This will be known as the "Quantum Inversion Warp" (QIW). This common singularity resulted from the phenomenon that all physical laws, including space-time, as we know them, cease to exist and therefore all the singularities are not anymore separated by any space and become one.

The SIT model doesn’t support the “Big Bang” theory. It is rather the continuous regeneration in an infinite loop structure with no beginning and no end using continuous and simultaneous “big crunches” and ”big bangs” occurring in the single common singularity point at the center of black-holes where massive hadron collisions are taking place converting all matter into pure energy re-entering into a number of superimposed and entangled sub-universes through the Outer Spherical Singularity Shell (OSSS). This loop structure insures the continuous repair and maintenance functions in a rejuvenating cycle including the re-setting of the entropy.

The entire universe popped into existence from nothingness without any cause just with “Random Quantum Fluctuation Events” (RQFEs). At these events spacetime and energy came into existence. These sub-particles entering the sub-universes are continuously newly created. The successful formula was found by applying "Random Evolutionary, Trial and Error, Reject or Select" routines (RETERS) that re-invents itself newly from scratch into a set of the best fitting and correct constants that are compatible with all existing constants to form and maintain the universe as we know it. It is to be emphasized that only the best fitting constants will survive. There is only one set of best fitting and correct constant and those constants will always be exactly the same.

A substantial amount of energy is required to operate the entire universe. That energy can now be found as the sequestered energy. The energy and equal amounts anti-energy are kept separated for billions of years in their sub-universe twins, thus preventing their re-collapse back into nothingness. This dwell-time delay will be known as the “Dwell-time Excess Energy Difference” (DEED). Radiation will be eventually converted into matter and drained out from the sub-universes billions of years later through the gravity contracting black hole’s singularity. The difference of incoming and outgoing particles controls then if we have an expanding or a contracting universe.

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